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Volkswagen Pune (VIDYUT MOTORS) is the first Volkswagen Car Dealership in Pune, since 2009. It is one of India’s biggest 3S car dealership facilities in the heart of a city. This is keeping in mind customer the time of purchase and later for periodic maintenance and repairs.


As the management says, “ Imagine handing over the keys of your beloved VW car to an unknown driver, for service or repairs, through Pune’s chaotic traffic. Also consider the fuel cost of travel to and fro from the workshop and time lost in transit. Not to mention the inconvenience of the car being unavailable for a longer period of time if the workshop is out of the city. Keeping all this in mind we have all services at one location in the heart of the city...max. 30 minutes from any point in Pune.”


“Our 90 years experience, spanning 3 generations, in automobile dealership business gives us the added advantage to look after your precious Volkswagen.”


“VIDYUT MOTORS promises to give you a whole new experience of CAR OWNERSHIP!”